Camp Nanowrimo

Well, Camp Nano has started and I’m slowly chiseling my way into part two of my novel.
I’ve written about 3000 words in the last three days, wrapping up part one though I might wind up expanding a few sections and starting part 2.

  1. Main Story Idea:
  1. Beryl has lost everything and is starting a new life, working as a spy for the country she was exiled and thought dead, she’s forced yet again to prove her worth as a mage.

Hook/Inciting Incident/Catalyst:

  1. War is brewing in Orlean and Beryl is sent to investigate. The cult of Aedus has it’s hooks in several high ranking officials and are using their influence to push the country to extreme actions as unrest shakes the capital.

Act 1 turning point: (What’s the conflict? What’s the action?)

  1. Love interests.

The Stakes:

  1. If caught as a spy she will be executed and her bond mates will die (at worst), (at best) she will be captured and forced to work for the King of Orlean while he holds her bond mates in captivity to keep her docile.

The End: (Where does the main character finish the story? Have they changed?)

  1. Her enemy is defeated but she’s lost her edge in the fight. Aedus is still seeking to gain power and she’s gained new enemies.

The Big Boom: (Toward the end, what’s the key thing that will happen to the MC(Main character) for them to succeed?)

  1. The gods start choosing sides. She is blessed by several so that she can survive the fight with Aedus.

Conflict yet again: What can elevate the issues between the MC and the antagonistic force of the story?)

  1. (Kidnapping is so over used, sigh)

Remember: (What happens to make the characters remember what’s important, the stakes?)

  1. She is forced to see the issues between the have and have nots in Orlean society.

Conflict: (What can happen between the MC and the AF of the story, early on?)

  1. Discovers Deloran is in the city.

Mad Skills: (Something the MC learns via practice, conversation, or self discovery, on the way to the story goal.)

  1. New form of magic.

The end of the beginning: (Something that makes the character finally move down the new path and away from their safe zone.) The beginning: (Where does the MC start – what is their attitude toward the setting?)

  1. She starts part two depressed and fighting to keep moving. She’s determined to continue as a spy but doesn’t really have the energy needed to keep up the masks she should.