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For me, the next step was considering markets. I didn’t want to self publish, but nor did I want an agent while just starting out. (We’ll call it control issues). But I did want help getting my first book published. So I researched publishers who were putting out books I liked and that were similar to mine. I read their books, I internet stalked the editors. I wrote a query letter basically stating I’d done both (without the stalking bit).

The best way to gain confidence while querying is to know your stuff. Nail the query letter down, research agents, sample their clients’ work, read agent interviews, read query tracker reviews, etc. I spend about 1-2 hours researching agents and then fine-tuning my query letters.

Chapter 1: Inciting incident

Chapter 4: Break into Act 2
Chapter 13: Midpoint — character has everything they want
Chapter 15: Things get a lot worse
Chapter 18: Everything is lost
Chapter 20: Break into Act 3
Chapter 21: Character starts figuring stuff out
Chapter 23: Climax
Chapter 24: Final conflict
Chapter 25: End

The basic points of this structure are these:

  1. The Hook
  2. Plot Turn 1
  3. Pinch 1
  4. Midpoint
  5. Pinch 2
  6. Plot Turn 2
  7. Resolution

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