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Righting the Scales is now compete.




I’ve decided I need to find someone who is both a fitness trainer and able to teach me something. I hate exercising. It is so boring if all you are doing is going through the motions over and over again. I need something to keep my attention while I exercise.

Think I could find a fitness instructor willing to teach me French while I work out? Intelligent discussions while exercising. Any takers?




Cleaning house and organizing my office this morning in between cooking and trying to fix my office chair.

✔: Trash collected and taken out
✔: Beef stew bubbling on the stove for dinner.
✔: Supplies bought to try the bacon rings that Paul has been raving about.
✔: Plants watered and trimmed.
✔: Office organized and projects laid out to work on.

To Do: 

  1. Vacuum and sweep the house.
  2. Mow the lawn and gather debris
  3. Picture walk at the zoo.
  4. Complete the next chapter of edits on the Mage.
  5. Break the next set of wine bottles and add to the box of those that need to be sanded.
  6. What’s the next big project?


Fan Fiction

A new chapter is up for Requiem, a Clint Barton fan fiction I’m writing.

Clint is missing and assumed dead after a mission gone wrong. Over a year later he’s found but everyone he knows has moved on with their lives. How does he deal with being abandoned yet again?


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