What I’m working on.

I figured I would give you guys and update on what I’m working on:

  1. I am finishing the rewrites on my novel, The Mage’s Daughter. It’s a fantasy set in a pre-industry society where magic is only available to the privileged, royal, or wealthy. The main character is a young female mage called Beryl who is fighting to make her way in a society that seems to be out to use her any way it can. With a country on the brink of war she fights to learn and prepare while hunting for the mage that attacked her as a child.
  2. Short stories edited and ready to be submitted. Woo!
  3. Writing new short stories and wrapping up current projects such as Fan fiction.


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img 00861

Time to get my To Do List for the new year together. This is what I need to finish up from this year and what I want to complete in the new year.

  1. The Mage’s Daughter.
    1. Complete final edits on The Mage’s Daughter.
    2. Get new cover for The Mage’s Daughter and republish.
  2. Parasol
    1. Complete outline and finish writing.
  3. Normal
    1. Edit and rewrite.
  4. Short Stories
    1. Edit The Maze.
    2. Edit Reflections.
    3. Rewrite Triton College into a short story.
    4. Submit stories to magazines and other publications monthly.
  5. New Project (Able Minded)
    1. Character studies.
  6. New Project (Sniper Research)
    1. READ BOOKS!
  7. New Project (Old Nano Novel – Silver Wing)
    1. Edit and rework the outline.
    2. Novel or short story?
  8. Fan-Fiction
    1. Complete Requiem.
    2. Complete On My Own.
    3. Complete Gryphon.
    4. Complete The Farm
    5. Complete Bottled Lightning.
    6. Complete Beta.
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Life is Loading

I keep having to remind myself that things take time.

The last few weeks have been stressful. We have a new person at work that I am helping to train and I have been pulled into more of a Team Lead position since I am the only one still here from the beginning now. I am not a natural team lead. Dealing with projects, meetings, and people in a constant “On, Let’s get work done.” position exhausts me.

I need to figure out a way to force myself to exercise more. I would like to sign up for some classes or join a walking group. I thought about this earlier but most of them met up way too early in the afternoon and I always missed the meets. I could make a walking group on Meetup but I am not sure I want to add another responsibility to my already packed life. Something to think on.

Because of work a lot of things have been put on the back burner. My home life and hobbies have been put on hold as was my health. Now that I have more help at work I hope to start evening this out soon.

I have a week until my drop dead date for my novel and I do not think I will make it. I didn’t work on my novel at all last week. I got stuck on several scenes I want to add and didn’t move past them. The only good news is that I think I have a plan on how to work out the Riot scene that has been driving me nuts. 

I got some great advice from an article I read last week. 

“Writing Violence: Don’t make it bigger. Make it matter. Don’t make it easy, make it hard. Look to character and motivation to root the violence in the people committing it. Make everyone the hero of their story, make the violence matter as much to them as it should, and make it as surprising and upsetting as it is in life.”

I added the riot scene because I needed more conflict in the book, however at the same time I need to make the scene push the characters forward in some way, expose some issue or vulnerability, show how the violence impacts the main character.

Sadly to do this I think I need to injure or kill a side character. I need a major action that will push my main character to act against the violence. She has been coasting along as people around her make decisions about her life. It’s time for her to stand up and fight back.

I will soon be looking for Beta readers once I finish the edits and get my book reformatted. Anyone interested?


Better days.


I had a massive ranty post all outlined in my head yesterday that I planned to write up today. But today is better than yesterday for no real identifiable reason so I am not going to post that massive list of everything that has gone wrong in the last two years.

My To Do List for Life and Writing is filling back up. Thankfully I am writing again, the words at least dribbling out as I peck away at the rewrite of my novel. This weekend will be busy but I am trying to reserve Sunday for writing. I plan to complete my edits and rewrite of The Mage’s Daughter by August 1st and I will need to burn up the keyboard to meet this date. Wish me luck 😉




eeyore_by_hynael-d3j1yd3I have been steadily plugging away at my current work in progress, Losing my Religion, and working on edits for my novel.

Check out my writing tracker HERE if you really want to see how far I’m progressing.

Yes, the OCD comes out when I am trying to prove to myself that I am actually making some kind of progress in novel writing.



Type a paragraph.


Check my word count.

Type another few sentences.

Stare at the screen in exhausted stupor.

Yeah, work is sucking the life out of me this week. I have this massive brain dump I need to do for the final chapters of my story, Losing my Religion, and I can barely string two sentences together.

This is going to take a lot of coffee.

Let the computer woes continue…


So I spent most of Sunday fixing my computer. Shiney!

Well, while it was broken I worked on several writing projects in word documents I exported out in the ten minutes my internet was working. It utterly destroyed my formatting but I had the document to work from.

I am now trying to move the document back to my cloud server and main writing programs…and it destroyed the formatting…again.

I cannot go back since I made edits on ever single chapter over the weekend. I would lose all those changes. So instead I am looking at spending several hours tonight after work reformatting the first five chapters of my books since every indent and double return for scene changes has been removed. Yeah.

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