Hungarian Paprika Goulosh

Have to give a double thumbs up to the Paprika Spiced Pork and Sauerkraut Stew.

This turned out amazing even if I didn’t have egg noodles to go with it. It made a ton of stew that I’m going to have to nibble the rest of the week.

I tweaked the recipe in that instead of marinading the meat for 24 hours I cooked the entire thing in the oven on very low heat over night, from about 6 pm until morning. I added the sauerkraut this morning and left it to bubble away until lunch. I wish I’d added more vegetables or even potatoes to make this more like a traditional stew but it still was amazing. I also substituted cooking sherry and a few spoonfuls of red wine vinegar for the red wine in the recipe since I cannot cook with or drink red wine.

Cooking note: Some how I have never used fresh heads of garlic. Man, are those things sticky once peeled and your hands smell for hours afterwards. Use lemon juice to get it off.


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