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…if I had removed all the dark books I read as a kid, I really would not have read much of anything. I hated high school and was so conflicted over what I was going through and feeling that books were my salvation. Cannot imagine culling my reading to only the happy fluff. The happy fluff did not show that others were just as screwed up as I was.

Over the weekend, The Wall Street Journal ran a piece claiming that fiction at least nominally aimed at readers under 18 — young adult or “YA” fiction, that is — is entirely too dark. Calling out the books about kids who cut themselves or suffer abuse right alongside the books with abundant profanity in them, it laments the fact that young readers will be “surrounded by images not of joy or beauty but of damage, brutality and losses of the most horrendous kinds.”


Back up and Moving

Okay, It looks like WP and Blogger have worked out their kinks and are now posting correctly.<fingers crossed>

I will be changing the format of my blogging a bit this month. I will still be posting the random recipes, book reviews, and rants that have always appeared but I will also be posting about my new exercise routine and how it is going. I am doing this to try and keep myself motivated and to get myself blogging more <this place is looking a little dust bunnied and neglected lately>. I may also start posting more about my writing and progress on my books I am writing but I am not completely decided on that yet.

So keep an eye out for more upcoming posts this week as I get the schedule together.


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My niece is on a princess kick and we spent most of the morning with her being rescued from random dragons and such. She would not accept that sometime the princess has to rescue herself.

I really need to get her some better fairy tale books.


Redoubtable (Kris Longknife, #8)Redoubtable by Mike Shepherd
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I hate to say it but this book felt like a stop gap holder for the series. Nothing much was accomplished by the end of the book and the next book looks to be where all the action happens. While I love this series and the characters, there was no character building or improvement, status quo prevailed.

I would not read this book unless you are caught up on the entire series. These are my potato chip books for science fiction. The plots are fairly uniform and the characters absorbing enough to get you to read the book overnight (at least for the rest of the series).

I already have the next book so I can only hope it gets better. If not this may be a series I stop reading soon.

Cannot recommend Mutineer (#1) higher however. This and the first 4 books are my favorites.

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