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Well, November is marching along and I seem to be perpetually behind with my NaNoWriMo novel. I have managed to catch up each weekend but I am just not as in love with my Steampunk novel as I would have liked.

I’ve been cranking out the words this week but next to nothing has been for my Nano. I’ve gotten thousands of words and almost a dozen chapters completed for my fan fiction works in progress and continue to march right along with several new chapters for them that I hope to post soon.

I’m busy all Saturday so I’m counting on a non-stop write-a-thon on Sunday to catch me up to my word count. I did 5 thousand words last Sunday, let’s see if we can beat that, lol.


Everything for everyone.

It’s always a good day when I start my morning with a mind blowing article in my inbox. Check it out here or this article here

Some days you just have to admit that you cannot be everything for everyone. You need some time and energy for yourself. What are you doing for yourself today?

Taking care of yourself.

I’ve been seeing a lot of posts about self care this week. Below are just a few that stuck with me. The comments on Captain Awkward are amazing.

I’ve been having some body/health issues lately and it’s been driving me nuts how quickly my life/work balance falls apart when you’re not at 100%. In order to get myself back level I’ve been letting myself go to bed early if I want, taking my vitamins, curling on the couch with the pup to watch too much anime, and reading books in bed.

Yes, I have things that need to get done, but the things will be there tomorrow. What are you doing to take care of yourself?

To Do List

  1. Life
    1. It’s October so I’ve slowly started doing my Christmas shopping.
    2. Need to clean the carpet in my house.
    3. Bug bombing this Saturday.
    4. Need to pick up rat traps for the garage since I don’t want to put down poison with the feral cats around.
    5. I want to move furniture again and pick up a few things to pretty up the house for the fall, like a fluffy blanket for the couch and new pillows.
    6. Waiting on test results, but I at least went to the doctor and am being checked out.
  2. Writing
    1. I’m prepping for Nanowrimo and have a bunch of outlines to write up tonight. Tonight is World Building with my Nano group online so hopefully I will get some solid work done.
    2. I need to integrate my notes and new scenes into the novel. I realized that the world viewpoint of my character will be changed after the new scenes and I have some editing and reworking to do on the end of the book.
    3. I’m trying to wrap up several fan fictions before Nano but not making much progress.

Too full of story.

Found: http://archimedesgallery.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/07/desert-fox.jpg

I woke up this morning savoring the darkness, head full of story. I couldn’t force myself out of bed, too busy sounding out dialog and letting the scenes play behind my eyes to bother with moving. I rolled out of bed eventually and started getting myself slowly together for the day, characters still whispering in my ear.

The day is looking to be fog filled and gloomy with the faint hint of fall weather peeking through the southern heat and humidity. I am too full of words to get my mind to focus on the mundane realities of life. I hope the muse is willing to wait a few hours to get the full scenes on paper, notes will have to do for now.


To Do List for this Week.

  1. Finish doing the yard.
    1. mow the lawn.
    2. Trim the side yard.
    3. Pick up the pine cones and limbs down in the front. (save some for making fire starters?)
  2. Start my new exercise life plan.
  3. Clean the house.
    1. Kitchen.
    2. Fridge.
    3. Vacuum.
    4. Closets.
    5. Load the goodwill donations in the car.
  4. Writing
    1. Mage book 1
      1. Finish writing up the edits.
      2. Finish the outline edits.
      3. Send to editor.
    2. Fan fiction
      1. Write up the outline for the two new ideas.
    3. Parasol
      1. Edit and outline.
    4. John C. Arrington
      1. Edit and Outline.


Word Count for the Week

Have I ever mentioned that I write more after coming out of a really stressful time? Last week was utter hell and this week I have been cranking out the wordage. Fingers crossed the trend continues.

The Mage in Exile: 20674

Variations of Ice: 19195
Collapse: 17926

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